• Ayurdin Cream


      Ayurdin Cream

      No more worries for wounds


      Amla | Nirgudi | Babool | Neem | Shweta Bhrungaraj | Ambehalad | Seasame Oil


      • Incision wounds
      • Diabetic wounds
      • Excision wound
      • Dead space wound
      • Burn wound
      • Chronic wounds
      • Non-healing Wound of vascular dysfunction

      Recommended dose

      • Once a day or as directed by physician.
      • External use only
    • Calrun Tablets


      Calrum Tablets

      Calrun is made from herbs that are traditional. But swarajya india is having its own criteria for selection, procedure and formulation that makes this formulation highly effective. Renal calculi was induced by administration of ethylene glycol and ammonium chloride (28 days through drinking water). This preclinical study indicated animals treated with Calrun tablets shows effectiveness against kidney stone.


      Shewaga Patra | Gulvel Satva | Parn Beej | Aghada Kshar | Pashanbheda | Gokharu | Varun 


      Useful in kidney stone and any other abnormalities in kidney functions.

      Recommended Dose

      One tablet thrice a day or as directed by physician.

    • Shudhagni Tablets


      Shudhagni Tablets

      Best suited for bone, muscle and joint health.


      Suntha | Kalajira | Shuddha shilajit | Shuddha Kuchala | Aswagandha | Harmal Beej | Mahayograj Guggul | Ambehalad | Garambi


      Gives relief form pain in fractures, arthritis, Joint pain and muscle pain. Helps in stem cell therapy  and rapid increase in bone mineral density. Combination of dermal application of oil and oral ingestion of tablet is highly effective in most severe cases. Avoid oily, sour and spicy food, Lose weight or don’t take heavy meals. Take medicine after meals. Regular walking will enhance drug benefits.


      Pregnant and lactating mothers should not use.

      Recommended Dose

      One tablet thrice a day or as directed by physician.

    • Spirulina Capsule


      Spirulina Capsule

      Antioxidant and Immune Booster Dietary Supplement. Spirulina is a micro-algae having essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals and vitamins.

      Spirulina may helpful in following

      • It may protect eyesight.
      • It increases haemoglobin levels.
      • It maintains normal blood pressure level.
      • It is useful in conditions such as fatigued muscles, Anemia, Insomia, Weak Memory, Obesity and stress.

      Recommended Dose

      • Take one capsule twice a day before meal or as prescribed by physician.
      • Continue consumption for 3 to 6 months will be useful for healthy and active life.
    • Swara Herbal Hair Oil


      Swara Herbal Hair Oil

      Complete health for hair


      Bramhi | Maka | Amla | Jatamansi | Shwet Bhrungaraj | Kapurkachari | Kachur | Maithi | Ritha | Jaswand | Nagarmotha | Nilgiri | Korfad | Neem | Seasame Oil | Camphor | Coconut Oil


      • Anti-oxidant
      • Useful for rapid hair growth
      • Revitalization effect
      • Youthful hair
      • Strengthens and Maintains hair color
      • Smooth, Silky and shiny hair
      • Anti-dandruff, anti-hair fall
      • Antiseptic & cooling effect
      • Shining effect
      • Treats Scalp disorders
      • Reduces thinning of hairs
      • Prevents hair loss
      • Stimulates hair roots
      • Protective against radiation
      • Promotes new hair
      • Anti-fungal & anti-bacterial
      • Strengthening and moisturizing effects

      Recommended Dose

      • Apply daily or as directed by physician.
      • External use only.
    • Swara Pain Relief Oil


      Swara Pain Relief Oil

      Best for relief from muscle and joint pain. The oil is more effective in local pain. Oil is allowed to absorb by gentle massage for better efficacy. Oil is made for local analgesia, but it is having a long lasting effect when absorbed. Good penetration capacity of sesame oil makes it as a useful base for this preparation.


      Nirgudi | Suntha | Kalajira | Shuddha Kuchala | Ashwagandha | Harmal Beej | Ambehalad | Garambi | Camphor | Eucalyptus Oil | Kasisadi Tel  | Sesame Oil


      • Muscle Pain
      • Joint Pain
      • Pain in arthritis
      • As anti-inflammatory
      • Pain because of any disease
      • Backache

      Recommended Dose

      • 5 to 10 drops of oil on affected area, or as directed by the physician.
      • External use only.

      Directions for use

      • Massage regularly with oil after bath and before sleeping at night.
      • Warm the oil before massage for better effect.
      • Gently massage in circular motion until it disappears from site.
      • Wrap the affected area with a cloth after application of oil for proper penetration.
      • We used sesame oil as a base for having great penetration capacity.
    • Swaraex Tablets


      Swaraex Tablets

      Swarex is useful to increase power, vigour, and stamina. Useful for increasing power, vigor and stamina. Men who take it feel more energy and feel better. Anti-oxidant and minerals protects body safe against radical damage and accelerated aging.


      Safed Musali |  Jaifhal | Ashwagandha | Gokharu | Laung | Taalamikhana | Akkarkara | Salampanja | Aliv | Wang Bhasma | Mire | Shatavari | Lajalu | Kavach Beej | Swarn Bhasma

      Recommended Dose

      One tablet twice a day with milk or as directed by physician.

    • Swarajya Sesame (Til) Oil



      Used as a best massage oil


      Prevents hair loss
      Highly enriched with vitamins
      Uniform composition
      Used as a best Edible Oil


      • It contains a wide range of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including Sesamol and Sesamin. These fatty acids keep the cardiovascular system strong and the Cholesterol levels low.
      • It increases the rate of bone growth and development, and speeds up any healing or regrowth of bones as well.
      • Tyrosine, in Sesame Oil, has been directly connected to Serotonin activity in the brain, which can help boost the mood.
      • Sesame Oil is highly recommended by dental professionals because it is directly linked to whiter teeth, lower levels of dental plaque, and protection against certain Streptococcus mutants. The powerful anti-bacterial effect of Sesame Oil boosts dental health.
      • Sesame Oil contains an organic compound called Phytate, which has been directly linked to a reduction in the development of Cancer.
      • It improves hair health, retains natural hair colour and minimizes hair loss. The anti-bacterial effects of Sesame Oil can help to eliminate pathogens.
      • It can increase skin elasticity and smoothness, helping to reduce the appearance of age spots. It can also be used as a sunscreen.
      • Til Oil is great for promoting bone health, Lowering Blood Pressure, Helps to Prevent Cancer, Iron Deficiency Anemia, Promoting Healthy Skin, Help to prevent a headache, Reduce Stress, Prevent constipation, Helps to avoid osteoporosis, Boost Circulation & Metabolism.

      Sesame Oil is more spiritually potent than other oils. So, when a lamp with sesame oil is lit, divine frequencies in the Universe are attracted towards it on a large scale and transmitted in the atmosphere, making the environment spiritually pure, and giving it protection from negative energies. Using sesame oil in lamps reduces undesirable energy frequencies in the house, keeping the atmosphere divine.

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